The indoor disconnector EME type MI has the following characteristics:

  • Robust welded frame of punched bended steel, with a specific anti-corrosion coating.
  • Mechanical endurance class M0; 1.000 close-open cycles.
  • Contacts and blades in silverplated or tinplated electrolytic cupper or brass.
  • Epoxy resin insulators and drive rods in epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Standard execution is 3 poles, also 1- or multiple pole version available.

Below you'll find the different executions and accessories of the MI-UNEL family:

rId43_Picture 19.jpg

The standard execution of the family.
The one pole version of the family you'll find here...
Read more...(BR011)

rId44_Picture 45.jpg

The heavy variant of the standard MI-UNEL with currents from 2000A till 3600A
Read more… (BR053)

rId45_Picture 20.jpg

Changeover disconnector with 2 positions: closed pos.1 - closed pos.2.
Often used for bypass applications.
Read more… (BR912)

rId46_Picture 21.jpg

Disconnector - earthswitch combination with 2 positions: closed & not earthed - open & earthed
Read more… (BR913)

rId47_Picture 22.jpg

3-position disconnector, available in 5 different configurations.
Read more… (BR914)

rId48_Picture 23.jpg

MI-UNEL with built-on interlocked earth switch.
Read more… (BR915)

rId49_Picture 3.jpg

Here you'll find a list of several accessories of the MI-family
Read more…(BR080)

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